You’re Ready

To Moove

Let’s Do This!

You’re ready to move

Ready to move out of that apartment and buy your first home.

Ready to move out of that starter house and buy some more room for your family to grow in.

Ready to move out of the house your kids grew up in and buy something a little more downsized for your empty-nest years.

Or, maybe you’re thinking “why not build our next home?”

You’re ready to buy or ready to sell a home

How hard could it be?
You talk to some friends.
You load the apps.
You search the internet.
You drive around neighborhoods you like.
You start making lists of things to do.

You’re looking for answers

But your list of questions keeps growing.
How long will this take?
How much will this cost?
How do I get the best deal?
Where am I going to find the time to do this right?
How do I make sure nothing falls between the cracks?
Should I get a realtor or do this on my own?
How do I know whose advice to listen to?
Where do I find some help I can trust?

And maybe you’re starting to think that this whole real estate thing is harder than it seems

The Guernsey Real Estate Group makes real estate easier

Anyone who tells you that buying or selling a home is easy is kidding himself (or trying to kid you).   Unless you do real estate all the time, doing real estate right is really hard. Even if you do real estate all the time, doing real estate right can be hard. 

Working with someone who does real estate right all the time doesn’t make the job easy, but it can make the job easier. Realtors Robin And Wil Guernsey will make buying or selling a home easier for you.

Whether you’re pricing a home to sell or looking for the perfect home to buy, Robin and Wil can answer your questions, including some that you might have not even thought to ask yet. They can even answer the one about whether a realtor can help you.

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