Vibrant downtowns. Thriving universities and schools. Low unemployment. Hiking, biking, lakes, bluffs and rivers. A small town feel with a large quality of life. This, is the Dane, Sauk and Columbia county region. Here, you will find communities that hold national-rankings with distinctions such as best place to live, to work or to raise a family. Use our Community Search to find the community that’s right for you. We provide helpful maps along with information on each area’s schools, demographics, lifestyle and of course, real estate.

A beautiful lifestyle built on and around Lake Belle View and the Sugar River.
Rocky bluffs, meandering valleys and spring-fed creeks.
A historic downtown with brick buildings nearby the spring-fed waters of Lake Ripley.
Growing community attracting new businesses, building more homes.
Small town with a river that runs through it.
Small, carefree town.
Prime location due to the availability of housing, recreational and cultural opportunities and high-quality municipal services.
Lots of green space, family farms and bike trails peppered with energetic neighborhoods and mixed-use commercial areas.
An energetic, historic downtown built on an isthmus with the state capitol and UW-MADISON as focal points.
Gorgeous homes on beautiful Lake Mendota.
A sleepy village not far from the interstate.
Rolling hills, wide open spaces and a self-proclaimed quirky yet historic downtown.
A community nestled between two lakes.
A vibrant, charming city with downtown trolleys and a beautiful shoreline – yet only 10 minutes from the state capitol.
A city built on the lake shores.
A quaint downtown with Scandinavian heritage.
Registered as the “Horse Capital of Wisconsin,” expect an abundance of stables.
Beautiful lake community near UW Madison.
A slice of Norwegian life as the city’s heritage is embraced throughout its architecture, culture and festivals.
A small city with a quaint downtown and a rapidly growing population supported by increased retail areas.
Residents enjoying a high quality of life in Hometown USA.
It’s the only Waunakee in the world!

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