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"As this was our first sale (and one we were initially hesitant about) we appreciated their candid, but supportive, advice about how we could best reach our goal, and how we could best work together to that end. In short, the message was: "You are in the driver's seat, but here is how we can help you." They then proceeded to assist us at every turn with multiple resources including stagers, loaning us items, installing the items and removing the items when we sold-as well as following up on our queries about new leads. Perhaps that is expected of your team, but they made us feel like they were a pit crew, hurriedly servicing the race car while we focused on the race."
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What is a Title Company?

About title companies


The state of Wisconsin requires a seller to provide title insurance to ensure that the buyer is protected in case, some time in the future, an heir or lender shows up and claims that the buyer doesn’t really own the house because it wasn’t really the seller’s to sell. So, although the title search and insurance are intended to protect the buyer, they also protect you, because they ensure that your house stays sold.


Before purchasing title insurance, a good title company will undertake an exhaustive search of the property’s history to make sure that ownership can be cleanly conveyed to the new owners. Since the title company has the most information about your deed, it is in the best position to coordinate the closing.


Your title company will:

·         Schedule the closing date and time with all parties.

·         Research the history of the property, making sure there aren't any liens on the property, and order title insurance.

·         Order the required title insurance.

·         Provide copies of any requested restriction and covenants to the buyer.

·         Prepare the closing statement.

·         Prepare the deed and transfer return.

·         Hold money from the buyer and new lender.

·         Collect recording fees and taxes for the government.

·         File the necessary paperwork with the courthouse.

·         Pay off your old mortgage.

·         Pay you.


How to choose a title company

If you are working with the Guernsey Real Estate Company, your realtor will take care of finding a title company and arranging a closing date.


If you are on your own and need to find your own title company, The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has this advice:

·         Find a company that has done hundreds of closings. It will be better informed than smaller, younger companies might be.

·         Find out if the company is a member of the state title association or ALTA. It will be more likely to keeping abreast of state and federal trends and requirements.

·         Make sure the company you work with is financially strong and has errors and omissions insurance.