"I began working with Robin as my buyer's real estate agent in August 2007. From the start she was professional yet friendly and fun. Looking at houses was a pleasure and we looked at a lot of them. It did not take Robin long to figure out exactly what I was looking for but it took me forever to decide what I really wanted. She never gave up on me, though and we kept looking until I made my decision."
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Step 3: What is Staging?

Imagine that you are putting on a play called This Home Could Be Yours. The buyer is the audience. The front door is the curtain. Your house is the stage. Staging is the step you take to help buyers imagine themselves actually calling your house “home”. A staged home is one that feels well-cared for and requires no imagination to think of as a move-in-able.

Buyers will make up their mind within a minute after they walk through your front door. This is one area where it does not pay to cut corners by trying to do it yourself or even letting a realtor stage your house – most realtors have not been trained in this area, not matter how good an eye they bring to the process.

Download: More staging advice

A good home stager brings both an objective eye and professional expertise to the task, making the job go faster and, possibly, taking some of the heat off you for the tough decisions during the depersonalizing and decluttering part of the process. Staging is so essential to a successful home sale that the Guernsey Realtors hire a professional “stager” or “showcaser” to work with every one of their sellers.

Step #4: How to price your home