Carl and Jen
"As this was our first sale (and one we were initially hesitant about) we appreciated their candid, but supportive, advice about how we could best reach our goal, and how we could best work together to that end. In short, the message was: "You are in the driver's seat, but here is how we can help you." They then proceeded to assist us at every turn with multiple resources including stagers, loaning us items, installing the items and removing the items when we sold-as well as following up on our queries about new leads. Perhaps that is expected of your team, but they made us feel like they were a pit crew, hurriedly servicing the race car while we focused on the race."
First Time Sellers

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How to Sell a Home...With Help

How to sell a home

The Guernsey Realtors want to help you sell your home

Whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned veteran.

Whether you’re changing neighborhoods or changing towns.

So we’re going to tell you how to sell your home

Every step, from planning to pricing to advertising to showing to closing.

Selling a home isn’t rocket science. But it does require time, persistence, and patience – and the ability to maintain your focus over a period of weeks and, often, months.

And if you want to sell your home in good time for a good price, it also helps if you have good experience under your belt in pricing, staging, marketing, scheduling, and negotiating. It also helps if you have a good network supporting your efforts.

Selling your home requires an investment

  • Of your time – for researching, decluttering, cleaning, staging, showing
  • Of your energy – for maintaining, scheduling, negotiating
  • Of your money – for marketing, repairing, inspecting, professional services

Selling your home also requires that you consider what you are spending on monthly mortgage, taxes, utilities, and maintenance while you’re waiting for the right offer from a buyer.

Figuring out if you could use some help beyond the information we’re going to give you here depends on how much time, energy, and money you want to invest in the process to get the results you want.

Step #1: How to interview a Realtor

Step #2: How to market your house

Step #3: What is staging?

Step #4: How to price your house

Step #5: What happens at closing?