"While I had done my homework on the home buying process, there are always things that a first time homebuyer would not think to consider. Robin was there every step of the way to make sure I did not forget anything or explain what I did not quite understand. She was always willing to come in to the office to write yet another counter-offer and would have driven through a blizzard at 3 in the morning to get it signed if that was what was needed to be done. (Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration?)"
First Time Buyer

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How to Buy a House...On My Own

How to buy a home

We’re going to tell you how to buy a home

Every step, from qualifying for a loan, to how to find homes for sale, to reviewing disclosures, to negotiating with sellers, to spotting lemons.

Why would we give away all of our tricks of the trade? Because they’re not tricks. And they’re not secrets. Anyone can find out what the steps are to buying a home.

The challenge is pulling together the time and energy to get it all done – and applying the training, experience, expertise, energy, and commitment you need to getting it done right. By “getting it done right,” we mean finding the right kind of home in the right kind of neighborhood for the right kind of price.

It’s not about tricks. It’s about skill.

It’s about taking your needs seriously

It’s about knowing what to look for in a house for sale

It’s about understanding the jargon

It’s about being able to tell if a home is priced right

It’s about looking out for your best interests

Step #1: Do I need a Realtor?